Sam Kerson........Muralist
photo by: Jon Gilbert Fox
Muralist Sam Kerson (r.) speaks to German Sociologist Martin Osterland, who came to see the mural-in-progress at Vermont Law School, "The Undergrund Railroad -- Vermont and the Fugitive Salve." Behind Osterland is Harriet Beecher Stowe writing a letter to urge women and children to join the abolitionist cause, and behind Kerson is a group of escaped slaves who have crossed into Vermont. Osterland, a professor at the University of Bremen, was in the U.S. speaking on the changes in East Germany.
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About the Video "The Underground Railroad, Vermont and the Fugitive Slave"
In January of '95 Dragon Dance Theatre and Green Valley Media, have completed work on, "The Underground Railroad: Vermont and the Fugitive Slave", the video, describing the mural that Sam Kerson painted at Vermont Law School, in South Royalton, in 1993. Robin Lloyd videoed and edited this half-hour documentary, showing the process of painting the mural as well as the finished product. The tape features a lengthy talk by the muralist, Sam Kerson, describing his ideas about the Underground Railroad and how he hoped to convey these ideas through the sequence of images. The video includes a good review of the history of the Underground Railroad in Vermont and a sketch of slavery and the abolition movements, in Vermont and the nation. The tape is complete in itself, with an excellent presentation of the mural in full color, it will also function as a study guide for individuals or groups who are thinking of making the trip to So. Royalton to see this extraordinary monument to Vermonts' social history. The talk that is documented here sas given to various high school groups while the mural was in progress. This video is 30 minutes long.

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