Lithographs by Sam Kerson
this series was created at the Sachmo Art Center, in Oaxaca Mexico during a one month residency in march 2001
Some numbered and signed images are still available, click here for more info
Tainted Milk, lithograph by Sam Kerson, 2001
The USDA has accepted and registered BST for use by dairy Farmers since 1994.

Still …little is known about the hormone, but it is thought that increased levels of BST has the potential impact of increasing levels of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in milk from treated cows…The increased levels of IGF-1 in humans can lead to elevated tumor rates as well as acromegaly, or gigantism, which is characterized by excessive growth of the head, face, hands and feet.

Destabalizing the Menu, lithograph by Sam Kerson, 2001 Crossing the Species Boundries, lithograph by Sam Kerson, 2001
...after all, No 6707 was no ordinary swine destined for the abatoir and the meat counter. It was the triumphant culmination of a nine-year scientific effort by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to cross the line between hog and human...
see: Unnatural Harvest by Ingeborg Boyens, pages 13-14-15
Gene Splicing, lithograph by Sam Kerson, 2001 Splitting the genetic inheritance, lithograph by Sam Kerson, 2001
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